Circular Cleanup is an project initiated by the Norwegian Shipowners´ Association – bringing together forces from both the ocean and waste industries to create new initiatives for cleaner oceans.

Plastic waste filling our oceans is the world´s fastest growing environmental challenge. Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic reaches the ocean, and if we continue with today´s practice there might be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. In order to ensure a clean and healthy ocean we need to prevent more plastic from reaching the ocean and at the same time clean up what is already there.

“With world-leading expertise in both marine-based business and waste management Norway has a good base for solving this issue. We need to increase our efforts to create new solutions and new policy instruments for cleaner oceans.”
-Harald Solberg, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association

In the innovation project Circular Cleanup we take on the challenge to create new initiatives and new value chains for more efficient cleanup of plastic waste. In a six month innovation process, facilitated by Æra Strategic Innovation, we will create a portfolio of solutions for cleaner oceans, demonstrating how we can move from today´s practice to next practice.

We are now partnering up with 15 innovative and ambitious organizations to join us on this journey. 



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