During the first two phases of the innovation process we developed a lot of new insight and new concepts. In phase 3 we went out into the “real world” to test our concepts. Why? To maximize learning and minimize risk, or in other words fail fast forward.

“Failure is not the enemy. Prolonged failure is.”
Vijay Govindarajan

After the second phase of the innovation process we ended up with 14 concepts. In the third phase we took some of these concepts and created a plan for quick and cheap experiments to test the hypothesis in the concept architecture. This is a kind of risk management and risk mitigation tool that helps us understand the real world so that we can improve, iterate or pivot on the concepts. This way we can learn a lot, quickly, and establish a solid decision basis for the final concept portfolio.

This is the final phase of the innovation process before we present our findings, learnings and answers at the public portfolio launch March 13th, in Oslo!

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