How can Norway take a leading role for cleaner oceans?

The results from the Circular Cleanup innovation process was presented in Oslo in front of a sitting and standing audience. Our message: as a country we have the knowledge, the resources and the innovation power to ensure cleaner oceans nationally and globally. What we are lacking is better directions, plans and strategies. 


That is why we present the results from the project as a Circular Cleanup Framework that can be applied for different arenas. We showcase three strategies for the three arenas cities, coasts and global. The goal of these strategies is to make collecting plastic astray more efficient and more circular and make Norway front-runners for cleaner oceans.

«With world leading competence in both maritime and waste management, Norway has an excellent starting point to contribute in solving this problem. In order to reach our goals in time we have to increase our efforts to create new solutions and new policy instruments for cleaner oceans.»
Harald Solberg, CEO, Norwegian Shipowners´Association

You can download the results created by the Circular Cleanup Crew here, PDF (in Norwegian).


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