Bergen Municipality



The Bergen Region is located on the west coast of Norway, with the City of Bergen, the second largest in Norway, as its centre. 

We have the country’s richest, most diverse and concentrated business environment related to the sea and the coast.

In the future, the ocean will be an important source of growth and development. The City of Bergen is working to ensure sustainable exploitation of resources in the sea. A clean ocean is one of the basic elements for further growth in our region. The greater Bergen area has always lived off the sea, and we are continuously seeking innovative ways to explore this valuable resource.

The City Government’s platform includes a goal for Bergen to become the greenest city in Norway and to be a driving force for renewable energy and green, sustainable business.

The great Bergen area has every qualification for being a frontrunner in fulfilling this goal. There are strong hubs within the ocean industries of oil, gas, subsea, renewable energy, shipping, and maritime clean technology in the region, including a strong seafood hub focusing on sustainability.

June 20, 2018, the city council also approved an action plan against plastic and marine waste. The Circular Cleanup project could help fulfill many of the actions in this plan.

Advisors from both the business section and climate section will participate in the Circular Cleanup project, with the ambition of bringing home new knowledge and innovations to our region.


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