There is a lot to be done to get rid of the enormous amount of pollution in our ocean. Circular Cleanup aims to create a value chain, where we make the cleanup of the sea more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

Following an initiative of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, together with WWF and Æra, we have launched Circular Cleanup and gathered various players with unique expertise – all of which share the same vision: cleaner, healthier oceans. We know that we are stronger together and that through cooperation, we can develop good solutions to help solve the world’s fastest growing environmental problem.

Every minute, 15 tonnes of plastic enter the ocean, and by 2050, we risk that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. The challenge of marine pollution and plastic requires action – and we must act now. Through our expertise, we will figure out how to collect plastic in a more efficient way, from mapping, collection and recycling.

We will develop sustainable solutions and jointly contribute to a cleaner sea. Together, though Circular Cleanup, we work to create a future better than our past.


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During a process spanning over 6 workshops, representatives from these 17 companies, municipalities and start-ups work together to create solutions for a clean and healthy ocean. Click on the logos and learn more about their motivation for joining.