Empower is running a global plastic waste deposit system, where we incentivize clean-up of plastic waste anywhere by giving plastic a value. We do so by providing a digital platform where we, in a transparent and cost-efficient way, connect the ones willing to pay for clean-ups with the ones who can clean up, virtually making a digital plastic waste deposit/reverse vending system.


Empower has built a unique platform for digital incentive-based solutions based on blockchain technology. It allows a borderless, transparent and traceable incentive system to drive behavior in a more sustainable way, for example through mapping, clean-up, recycling or sorting of waste.

Our ambition is to provide a solution that strengthens waste collection, management and supply chains on a global scale. So far, we have implemented clean-ups in Norway, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Laos and will be positioned with plastic waste collection points in more than 10 countries in 2019.