Norwegian Shipowner’s Association


Norwegian shipping is truly global, helping to make Norway a major maritime power. Norway ranks as the world’s fifth largest shipping nation measured in fleet value.

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association is a trade and employment organisation for Norwegian controlled companies within the shipping and offshore industry. We represent 140 companies and 1 800 ships and rigs worldwide. Our members are the leading force of the Norwegian maritime industry. They employ more than 55 000 seafarers and offshore workers from more than 50 different nationalities.



What do you see as your unique contribution to solving this challenge for cleaner oceans?

Every minute, about 15 tons of plastic end up in the ocean. If this trend of marine plastic pollution continues, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. This is a matter of great concern for the maritime industry. The maritime industry can contribute to this work in many ways. Examples of this are equipping ships with sensors to collect data and track the health of the oceans and harnessing the power of innovation in the industry to create technology for removing garbage from the sea. But if we are to succeed in effective cleaning, garbage must be assigned value and become a resource to be returned to land. Establishing a deposit scheme for ocean garbage would support the development of infrastructure for collecting and recycling garbage and keep it from further weakening the health of the oceans.

The situation in the oceans is at a tipping point. There is an urgent need to do something. Everyone making their living on, in and under the sea has a responsibility to ensure that this activity is conducted in a sustainable manner. Norway is a world leader in maritime expertise and technology. We would like to use this knowledge in partnership with others. We are therefore proud to partner with WFF and Æra to initiate the innovation project – Circular Cleanup – which is looking to find solutions to achieve cleaner oceans.