The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue



The ocean has been a place where Norwegians find peace, work, food and pleasure for generations. The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue has operated along the world’s second longest coastline for 127 years. We have seen how plastic pollution overtime has ruined our shores and the life at sea.The consequences are many. One day, it could be an old fishing net causing drift problems in the middle of the fjords and creating dangerous situations. Another day, the plastic can kill fish which have given food and work for generations.

We love the ocean. It is the place we find peace and joy. It’s our workplace. For 127 years we have saved lives on the ocean. Our purpose is to prevent accidents, save valuable resources ​​and save lives. Now it is time to save the ocean.


The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue is in a unique position to do something about this problem. We have 100,000 members, 3000 volunteers, 52 lifeboats, many small boats and we cover the entire coastline of Norway. For 127 years, we have acquired knowledge and expertise about the sea that few others have.

We want to contribute to a cleaner sea through awareness and action. With our expertise, we will figure out where, how and why plastic ends up in the ocean. Circular Cleanup is a call for action, and we are proud to be a part of this project.